CONSENT – saying “No” to what you don’t want so you can say “YES” to what you do

A workshop exploring beyond “yes means yes and no means no”, providing tools for navigating consent, personally and socially – consent isn’t just sexy, it’s world-changing – come and find out how.

Jenny Wilson (Founder of the International Day of Consent 30 November, Director of Irregular Arts and Chair of Happy Valley Pride) will lead an online workshop session on the theme of consent. It will take the form of a presentation, followed by a discussion/Q&A session. Jenny will explore consent from the personal to the cultural context, showing how consent isn’t just sexy, it’s also world-changing. She’ll take the conversation way beyond “yes means yes and no means no” and provide some tools for navigating the complexities. Jenny is a trained coach and experienced facilitator.  Participants will be asked to book in order to access the Zoom, so the space is as safe and confidential as possible.

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9th June 2021 – Bradford Pride Festival 

16th June 2021 – Iridescent Minds 

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