Consent Culture – A Manifesto

Consent Culture is a movement for social change.

Consent is transformative.

Consent is a human right.

Consent shifts our culture away from entitlement and privilege, towards empathy and kindness.

Consent is the foundation for building a better world.

CONSENT is in place when it is:
• FREELY GIVEN – all parties have full capacity to consent, and nobody is pressured, manipulated or coerced
• REVERSIBLE – consent may be withdrawn or retracted at any point, and it is clear to all parties at what point a consensual transaction is completed
• INFORMED – all parties understand fully what they are consenting to, and any risks relating to it
• ENGAGED – there is clear communication and positive agreement to proceed and continue
• SPECIFIC – with limitations and boundaries understood by all parties

We want consent to be present in all human interaction – from the intimate and inter-personal, to the social and the cultural.

Building consent culture involves celebrating human diversity, whilst not categorizing difference as ‘otherness’. We can accept and embrace difference. We can disagree successfully. We can be curious about each other. We can search for points of connection. We can work towards consensus.

The personal is political and we can all use our personal agency to make change within our sphere of influence.

Together we will campaign to grow consent culture across the globe.


This is a draft authored by Jenny Wilson in March 2019 and amended most recently in December 2019