#IDoConsent events

This page lists events that have been submitted to us as events to celebrate the International Day Of Consent on (or around) 30th November 2019. (To submit an event click here.)

We cannot guarantee or endorse these events fully, as at this stage we don’t have the resources or infrastruture to monitor them and their organisers approach to consent.  We are listing them in good faith, based on the submissions we have received, and what those submitting them have told us about themselves, their intentions and understanding of consent, and their event/s.

This is the beginning of a global movement, which we hope over the years will grow consent culture internationally.

  • Festival Of Consent, Centre for Live Art Yorkshire, Leeds, UK – 30 Nov: performances, stories, open mic, discussions, panels and workshops – a full day exploring consent.
  • Nasz kraj taki piękny  – Bracka 20, 00-028 Warsaw, Poland – 30th Nov: The event is a multifaceted discussion about the state of Poland – with activists talking about workers’ rights, tenants’ right, and a leader of a bodypostivie organisation discussing women’s rights and body positivity and its political dimension. Natalia Skoczylas will provide a one hour introduction to consent culture.