Sex Worker’s Opera at the Festival of Consent

Photo: Manu Valcarce
Exhibition: Listen to Me: 5 Years of Sex Worker’s Opera
Created and performed by sex workers and friends, based on the experiences of our 35 members and over 100 people from 18 countries across 6 continents, including outdoor workers, strippers, escorts, brothel workers, porn actors, sugarbabies and webcam models.
The photos were taken over 5 years of shows in London, across the UK and in 6 different countries including at the International AIDS Conference in 2018.
The global stories accompanying the photos include written stories, audio testimonies, songs, videos, poetry, webcam shows and field recordings in collaboration with sex worker-led collectives in Chile, Singapore and South Africa.
The exhibition was first premiered in Cape Town in March this year at the launch of their first ever Sex Worker Theatre programme and toured to Rotterdam, Netherlands in summer.
Photos by Vera Rodriguez, Manu Valcarce, Jordan Busson, Paul Blakemore, Julio Etchart.

Photo: Julio Etchart
Workshop (2-4pm): Capitalism & Consent: Sex Work, Stigma and Storytelling

Have you ever done something you didn’t want to do… for money? (Shockhorror) Or had a job you quite enjoyed, or really enjoyed… except for the admin? Have you ever had a job that was soulless monotonous… or a job that was really soulful and you knew was your calling?

We could be talking about a bar job, domestic labour, being a banker, being musician or sex work. Sex work is no monolith, no single story, and in this workshop we place the various types of work sex workers do on a wider spectrum of capitalism and consent… in a patriarchal and colonial world… and how the dominant narratives feed in to stigma and stereotypes.
With no experience necessary, in just two hours together, we’ll go beyond herstorical divisions between movements and build bridges with wider feminism, LGBTQ+ campaigns and diaspora and migrant struggles to develop new stories through which we can uplift each other going forward.