Festival 2019 Details

The Festival Of Consent is full of shows, events, workshops and discussions – here are some details about just some of them and some of the amazing people taking part:

Sex Worker’s Opera – more here

Irregular Arts (Cabaret of Consent) – more here

Cameryn Moore (Nerdfucker and Smut Slam) 

nerdfucker: a one-act play with boundary issues

The spectators are early, her lover is late, and the players are due any minute. Not the best time to question what the hell she’s doing here, waiting to get naked in front of a room full of strangers, but with 60 minutes before the game starts, it’s all the time she has left.

WINNER, ARTISTIC RISK AWARD, 2016 Vancouver Fringe

★★★★ (a) tense, breathtaking little show.” (Edmonton Journal)

★★★★  (Vue Weekly) ★★★★  (Edmonton Sun) ★★★★  (gigcity.ca)

“beautifully and insightfully written, precisely directed, and exquisitely, unflinchingly acted.” (Calgary Herald)

Smut Slam is a family—a slamily?—of storytelling events dedicated to real-life, first-person sex stories, created by touring artist and professional potty-mouth Cameryn Moore. Cameryn’s first Smut Slam—the original dirty-storytelling open mic—took place in Boston in February 2011. Since then, this exciting, engaging, and occasionally awkward storytelling experience has happened all over North America, Europe and the UK. MORE

Dr Kate Lister (panellist and Smut Slam judge)

Dr Kate Lister

Dr Kate Lister is a historian, author, and lecturer at Leeds Trinity University. She spends most of her time peeping up the skirts of history and posting what she finds to her followers on Twitter as  @WhoresofYore.

Kate is also a columnist for inews, Vice and the Wellcome Trust online, where she writes about the history of sex and covers such diverse subjects as medieval impotence tests and the forgotten custom of baking bread with your genitals. As well as her university work, Kate regularly gives talks on the history of sex at events such as the Secret Garden Party, Eroticon, Sexpression, the Edinburgh Fringe festival, the Cheltenham Literature Festival, and the Science Museum.

Kate won the Sexual Freedom Award, ‘Publicist of the Year’ in 2017.



Maxine Green (panellist and Smut Slam judge)
Maxine Green is a sane hatter, an illustrator and more recently an adult performer. She came out as suffering from Activism in 2009, after organising Polyday, OpenCon, and far too many small scale events and has spoken about nonmonogamy on national TV. She believes that the future is decidedly queer.


Sophie Powell – workshops 1-2pm and 4-5pm

Wear your consent heart on your sleeve! Make a badge using one of our templates or get crafty designing your own to take away.
Add to the Consent Bunting; What are your solid consent boundaries? What does an ideal consent culture look like? What questions would you like to explore? Add to our ever growing Consent Bunting which is included in the Cabaret of Consent. Penants made at  this event will (with your consent) be photographed and made into a collaborative zine to commemorate the day.


Rivca Rubin – Upwording Consent online presentation

Rivca Rubin

Rivca is a behavioural scientist specialising in the psychology and sociology of linguistics. She focusses on the impact of how we think and speak to ourselves and others, in particular as to what it is helpful, motivating and liberating or hindering, demotivating, and even harmful in our communications with peers, public and ourselves.

At the heart is a shift from ‘power over’ to ‘power with’ thinking, communications and behaviours and aligning our own language with our ethos of how we wish others to be with us and how we wish to be in the world. Put simply, Rivca’s approach Upwording is that words change worlds. Rivca was as a producer and practitioner in the arts for 20 years, touring extensively throughout Europe. She ran Physical State International 1985-1995 and Kaizen Creative 1997-2002. From 1997-2001 she was a Research Fellow at MMU. She is joint Artistic Director of Islington Mill.

Cocktails and Fuck Tales (1 hour special 6.45pm) is a monthly Leeds-based performance night dedicated to the underrated artform of dirty storytelling. CFT works to create a welcoming space for everyone to share their stories . Every event is different, with a diverse mix of comedians, poets, musicians, erotica authors, and storytellers. Expect the weird, the wonderful and the downright filthy.