Consent Post Lockdown

Consent activists, relationship experts and scholars of psychology, ethics and sexualities explore the impact of the Covid 19 crisis on our intimate relationships

Discussion Event online – 2nd July 2020, 5.30pm (UK)

Video recording of this live online discussion event available here

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Hosted by Jenny Wilson – Founder of the International Day of Consent and Director of Irregular Arts (UK), with a panel of speakers.

  • Kitty Stryker, an anarchist cat mom prepping a doomsday bunker in the East Bay (California, USA). She started the website after calling out abuse within the BDSM and altsex communities in 2011. Her first book, “Ask: Building Consent Culture”, addressing consent culture in and out of the bedroom, was published through Thorntree Press in 2017. In the United States, a debate has raged about quarantine and freedom. Where does your individual freedom begin and end when managing an infectious disease? If you don’t trust your government, and you don’t trust common sense, how do you navigate a public health response? Is that even possible? What about on an individual level? Kitty will speak on how she is assessing and communicating her choices during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Meg-John Barker, author of a number of popular books on sex, gender, and relationships, including Queer: A Graphic History, Gender: A Graphic Guide, How To Understand Your Gender, Life Isn’t Binary, Enjoy Sex (How, When, and IF You Want To), Rewriting the Rules, The Psychology of Sex, and The Secrets of Enduring Love. MJ will talk about the importance of whole relationships being consensual – not just sex – and consider what that means in terms of informed consent, ongoing consent, recognition of power imbalances, and questioning of default cultural scripts
  • Zayna Ratty is an LGBTQIA+, GSRD & BAME Hypno-Psychotherapist, presenter, columnist, and trainer based in Oxford.  Chair of Oxford Pride, D&E Officer at NCHP, Stonewall PoC Role Model & 2 time LGBT+ Award Nominee at the National Diversity Awards. Zayna will talk about Consensual Proxemics: 2mtr, 1mtr, don’t touch my hair….how close is too close when you have intersecting cultural heritages? How can we utilise the recent hyperawareness of personal space to challenge the societal narrative of consent when it comes to ethnicity?
  • Fi Roxburgh, tutor in philosophy at University of East Anglia, will explore how social distancing highlights certain cultural attitudes to consent. Equally, how can we use our understanding of consent culture in order to think about social distancing? Taking these ideas about the intersection of the personal and political, Fi will suggest how they can be applied as we navigate changes to lockdown and social distancing rules.
  • Jenny Wilson, is also currently working with the Stigmatised Sexualities and Sexual Harm Research Group at Leeds Beckett University, in a freelance Activist in Residence role.  Alongside hosting, will explore how shame is used to police behaviours, and what the implications of that are for us individually and collectively.  Read Jenny’s blog on Intimacy in a Pandemic which begins exploring these ideas, HERE

Each speaker will present their thoughts and this will be followed by a Q & A discussion based on questions from the Zoom text chat.  We hope this will help us work towards recommendations and/or actions to address specific consent issues in the context of Covid as an ongoing risk.