International Day Of Consent

30th November is the International Day Of Consent #IDoConsent

NEW – For 2020 we are planning now for an online Festival of Consent working closely with Kitty Stryker, founder of and editor of “Ask: Building Consent Culture”.  The goal? Starting on November 16th and ending on the International Day of Consent, November 30th, we want to cultivate conversations about consent from people all over the world. Everyone is stuck inside for now, and looking for something more than just Netflix.

WATCH THIS SPACE – or contact if you want to get involved in presenting/producing.

The world’s first International Day of Consent took place on 30th November 2018, as a small gathering and performance event at Theatre in the Mill in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.

In 2019, Irregular Arts ran the first Festival of Consent in Leeds, UK, including international artists, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions and performances exploring consent.

We are spearheading this as a campaign and umbrella for raising awareness of consent as a tool for personal and social change.

Irregular Arts is a tiny company, with no full-time staff, but with huge ideas and ambitions. We need your help to change the world.


*further links and details coming soon*

– Read and download our Consent Manifesto and the other resources on our website, and share these via social media
– Use the hashtag #IDOConsent to share the message
– Download other resources and merchandise from us to support our ongoing campaigning
Donate to our Consent Culture campaign
– Have a conversation with someone about consent, what it means to you, what it means to them, and how we can all live more consensually

We want to build and grow this movement to create a culture of consent globally, to replace a culture of entitlement.

Watch this space for further information or contact for more details about how you can get involved.