The Consent Culture project is slowly gathering momentum, and this website is still in development.


  • 2020 online Festival of Consent – coming soon
  • Consent Post Lockdown – a discussion event exploring how we build consent culture as we emerge from the Covid crisis and how we navigate consent individually and collectively in a post-lockdown world – Details HERE
  • Read our blog on consent and intimacy in a pandemic¬†HERE

** NEWS **#IDoConsent founder Jenny Wilson has been appointed Activist in Residence with the SSSH (Stigmatised Sexualities and Sexual Harm) Group in the Psychology Dept, School of Social Sciences at Leeds Beckett University

Please read the draft Consent Manifesto.

We are working towards building a culture of consent, through campaigns, resources, and arts/cultural interventions. Last year we delivered a¬†Festival of Consent, taking place on the date we have declared the International Day of Consent – 30th November #IDOConsent – and we’re working on plans for this year, so please get in contact with your ideas, as we need partners and networks to grow this.

Consent Culture is a project by Jenny Wilson, Director of Irregular Arts. Visit www.irregulararts.com for more information on our work

And visit loveoffscript.co.uk for blogs and background… Thanks